Oper 4.0


Ópera 4.0 – Una sensación en la práctica escénica clásica y barroca

¿Por qué cada vez va menos gente a la ópera? ¿Por qué la ópera parece aburrida y anticuada? La respuesta es que nadie entiende las palabras ni la trama si antes no se ha leído el libro. Sólo aumentando la importancia del significado del texto llega el canto al corazón del público. Aquí es donde reside la misión de Ópera 4.0.


Enthusiastic audience

Audience criticism on of "Barbiere di Siviglia" on September 8th, 2019 in the Admiralspalast Berlin

Sensational !

“ That was the third time that I’ve seen and heard the Barber of Seville.
I enjoyed yesterday's performance incredibly, thanks particularly to the dance projections.
It was no coincidence that the applause was overwhelming. For me Count Almaviva was the absolute star, but all the other singers were terrific too.”

“The orchestra and the performers were wonderful. This deserves at least 5 ⭐ . The audience’s spontaneous applause at frequent intervals confirmed this.”
“Everything was super and great. It was a lot of fun. As always the Admiralspalast is splendid. I’m eager to return. Music was amazing! Singers fantastic.

Thank you very much!”
“Superb singers, a production that concentrates on the essentials, pure musical enjoyment.”
“Great voices, great performers, very good orchestra. It’s a successful, modern production of the Barber of Seville.”
“For me it was a totally successful performance. The orchestra and singers complemented each other wonderfully and were fittingly well rewarded by the audience’s applause.”
“It was a wonderful production and a treat for the eyes and ears (with a very good orchestra).”
“For us in any case it was a great evening. Singers and orchestra were magnificent.”
“We liked the modern staging of the opera very much. Great orchestra, brilliant singers, all in all a beautiful production. The only drawback was that there was no German translation...”
“For me it was also not the first time I’d seen this opera and I was curious about the innovative aspects. The orchestra and singers were very good...”
“I knew the opera already as I had seen it in the opera house... It was excellently cast in terms of singing and acting. A great evening exceeding all my expectations...”
“... and there weren’t any surtitles either. So there was just the music and the acting talent of the singers, which was nice because you could concentrate on the music and not be distracted reading the text. And that itself was great enough.”


directa, emocional e integral